SteelebornFM Ep:66 Andrew Cook (2nd Ed. of Steele Toe)

September 30, 2016

In this dust-up and the Second Edition of Steele Toe, The Metallic Motherfucker talks to fellow comic and hair sweeper Andrew Cook about his day job booking a salon. The two further discuss what may have happened if Chez Andy had put his degree to good use, the importance of sacrifice in leading a comic life, salon playlists, jizzy hair, irate customers, and Steele's plan. Follow us @SteelebornDC on Twitter and at Andrew Cook on Facebook. Shout-out to our fantastic sponsors Reebok, TicketFly, and Nature Box. Support us, these guys, and their awesome merchandise through!!!!! Like us on iTunes and the Cookiecast Podcast Network.


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