SteelebornFM Ep:64 Brittany Carney

September 28, 2016

In this Steele Segment, Petey meets with his colleague, comic Brittany Carney to rip apart Kardashians and Amish people for their basic bitch shit, as well as Brittany's earlier life living in Japan and Singapore, her comedic writing process, their recent Sunday night experience with the most horrific crowd they have ever seen in comedy, the NFL, and other satiable sundries. Follow us @SteelebornDC on Twitter and Brittany Carney on Facebook/ur_papaa on Instagram. Shout-out to our fantastic sponsors Reebok, TicketFly, and Nature Box. Support us, these guys, and their awesome merchandise through!!!!! Like us on iTunes and the Cookiecast Podcast Network.


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