SteelebornFM Ep:61 Cory Bowens (1st Ed. of Steele Toe)

September 1, 2016

In this newest edition of SteelebornFM and the inaugural edition of Steele Toe, the new facet exploring the lives of people whose professions veer off the beaten path, your host sits down to an interview with tattoo artist and Steeleborn and 3GO podcast fan Cory Bowens, as they talk about some of his adventures beginning his profession as a rogue artist, how to run a successful and collaborative business with colleagues, some parallels between the arts of tattooing, comedy, and hip-hop, and other shit that'll make you want to take a needle to your titty. Follow us @SteelebornDC and @MonkeyBlood on Twitter and Instagram. Shout-out to our fantastic sponsors Reebok, TicketFly, and Nature Box. Support us, these guys, and their awesome merchandise through!!!!! Like us on iTunes and the Cookiecast Podcast Network.


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