SteelebornFM Ep:59 Jessy Morner-Ritt

August 30, 2016

In this long-awaited episode of SteelebornFM(mostly by Jessy, cuz your host has been a free-wheeling, vacationing, lazy piece of shit), St. Steele and his guest talk about L.A., comedy, phone sex, being young on the DC comedy scene, hip-hop, and other things that were on Jessy's legal pad when she arrived at the Steele Depot ready to do this cast.  We had a good time. Follow us @SteelebornDC and @JessyMornerRitt on Twitter. Shout-out to our fantastic sponsors Reebok, TicketFly, and Nature Box. Support us, these guys, and their awesome merchandise through!!!!! Like us on iTunes and the Cookiecast Podcast Network.


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